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Cloud-based gaming technology Gaikai goes live


Gaikai has gone live. For those who don't know what Gaikai is, it is a cloud-based gaming technology that is similar (and probably a competitor) to Onlive. Yes, you don't need to download or install any software to play games like Call of Duty or Mass Effect 2; simply play the game via your web browser.

Cloud-computing applications are not only limited to Facebook, email, Microsoft Office Live Workspace, Google Docs or Dropbox; it has also extended to the gaming space. Imagine playing your favorite first-person shooter game like Crysis using your web browser, without the need of high-end graphics card, CPU, or even download and install software. Yes, that could be possible in the near future.

Gaikai is the latest cloud-based gaming technology that has gone live recently, which allows users "to play major PC and console games like Call Of Duty or World Of Warcraft instantly". You probably noticed the above screenshot stating "The Next Generation in Game Advertising". Well, that is also part of what Gaikai do since it provides a new video game advertising network for publishers, developers, retailers and affiliates via online game demos and software apps. Well, there is no free lunch in this world – the company will need to sustain itself while providing users like us with great gaming experiences.

At the moment, Gaikai is currently in closed beta though you can sign up for a beta invite and hopefully be chosen to try out Gaikai.

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