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Classic Note brings back old school Apple look.

For those who miss the lat 80's, Classic Note is a new app that brings back the look of the original Macintosh System 6 OS.

Are you feeling nostalgic about the late 80's, when computers were blocky and a Mac was called a Macintosh? Well, you're in luck. Salem-based programmer David T Green has created Classic Note, a simply notepad and calculator app, which is designed to look like a relic from the days when a processor had 50MHz to play with.

Classic Note. The hipsters are going to love this thing.


“My main inspiration came when I was playing around with System 6 in Mini VMac a few months ago and noted that the flat colors and shapes of the older OS had a lot in common with the design of modern mobile apps such as LetterPress and Microsoft's Metro style apps. From there I just felt it would be incredibly fun to have some simple little apps that reproduced the feel of the old desk accessories,” said Green. Creating the app wasn't completely easy though; iOS doesn't support bit mapped fonts, so to get the blocky look of the old OS, he had to create a custom font that matched the original Mac fonts pixel to pixel.


The app is lean on features, currently supporting only a notepad and a calculator, but is available now for $3.99

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