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Chromebook from Samsung coming to Malaysia with WiMax

Malaysian telecommunications company will be bringing a Samsung Chromebook to the country that will also work with their WiMAX network.

Here is some good news if you’re living in Malaysia and are a fan of Chrome OS. Malaysia telecom, Yes has announced that it willl be selling the world’s first WiMax Chromebook. The notebook is made by Samsung and packs the following specs:

  • 11.6” display
  • Dual-core Exynos processor
  • Weight of 1.1kg
  • 16GB SSD (with 100GB Google Drive storage)

As for pricing, it’ll sell for RM988 (about $330) at Yes’s online store. Furthermore, a RM311 ($103) down-payment will be required, which will go toward your monthly bill, due to the WiMax data plan, which costs RM88 (around $30) a month. The data plan comes with a cap of 3.5GB.

It’s good to see Google trying to spread their products wherever they can, considering they seem very US-centric a lot of the time.  CNET also points out that in the past, Google has mentioned that the Malaysian government would be placing Chromebooks inside of schools. As far as I’m concerned, the more countries Google acknowledges the better.

Source: Yes Twitter Via: CNET Asia

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