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Chip Con Prometeia Mach II Review

Final Installation

After you are done
with attaching the micro freezer, you will need to connect all the
necessary wires from the Prometeia Mach II unit before powering up
the system. Connect the blue/white wire to the On/Off switch at
the front panel so that when the cooling unit is powered, the
computer will not be turned on (no voltage supplied to board or
CPU) until the desired boot temperature is reached. Connect the
yellow/yellow wire to the Power Pin on the motherboard so the Chip
controller will boot up the board at the desired boot temp.
Connect up the power cable and heating element as well. After you
have boot into Windows, connect the chip controller’s USB cable to
one of the free USB connector on the motherboard and you can
proceed to install the Chip Control Center. You can
always do a simple case mod as shown above to the Prometeia
chassis as well as the Enlight case. Since the whole system is
heavy at ~30kg, i would recommend you to place it on a luggage
trolley so you can move it around with ease.

Upon powering on, the
temperature will stay constant for 10-15 seconds before the
temperature starts plummeting to sub zero within a matter of a few
mins. After the desired boot temperature is reached at -33oC
for my case, the system will spring to life. At the back of the
Prometeia Mach II unit, there are 4 LED diodes for diagnostics
purposes and under normal operation, the green and 2 yellow LED
diodes should light up. Mach II’s chip controller has a restart
delay function which ensures that the cooling system cannot be
restarted within 2 mins upon powering down to protect the

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