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Chip Con Prometeia Mach II Review

Mach II Cooling Unit


Enlight EN-7230 Case

Prometeia Mach II comprises of 2
sections; the ATX case above while the bottom case housed the condensing unit.
Chip-Con has sent us the black Enlight
EN-7230 case along with their black Mach II cooling unit which
looks cool enough when they are fitted together. For those
who prefer aluminum look and feel, you can always use Lian Li
aluminum cases as Chip Con offers
Add-on kit
for the Mach II cooling unit that matches the design of several Lian Li aluminum
cases. There is no PSU provided for the Enlight case so you will
need to get one on your own. The Enlight case comes with four 5.25″
bays and three 3.25″ bays and the additional case fan provided
within the package can be mounted onto the back of the case.


Condensing Unit

The Condensing unit
located consists of 3 main components: Compressor, Condenser and
Capillary tube. The layout of the components are identical to the
first generation Prometeia except that Chip Con now add in the
newly designed chip controller that is specially developed for the
Mach II where it handles the entire system operations and
performance. It can be programmable and can be upgraded with new
firmware. It is a good improvement over the previous Prometeia as
you will not need a display controller to change the settings
since everything can be controlled under Windows environment with
the installation of Prometeia Control Center software. The fans
used in Mach II are quieter than the first version too spinning at
just over 1000rpm.


The compressor used in
Mach II is the same as the previous generation manufactured by
Danfoss with model number NL11F. You may refer to its datasheet

The voltage/frequency used is different in each country
and in this case, 220V-240V 50Hz here in Singapore. You may refer
to this
to check out what kind of voltage/frequency in
countries around the world. The power consumption of the
compressor stood at 130W
at Idle, 170W at CPU Workload, 200W at a fictive 150W CPU
workload therefore it runs on a separate power supply from
the ATX case PSU.

The compressor
contains R134a refrigerant and it acts like a motor to channel the
refrigerant around. Chip Con has probably increased the pressure
to improve cooling performance of the Mach II since the
refrigerant will have a greater heat capacity to absorb more heat
from the CPU.


The function of the
condenser is to remove the heat away from the gaseous refrigerant
and at the same time, it condenses back to liquid state. Behind
this is a huge fan sucking in the air that cool the radiator fins
and the compressor unit and another huge fan at the back to draw
the hot air out.


The Micro Freezer is
made up of the Polymeric housing system, Insulation foam,
Evaporator and tubes and Thermal probe. The Micro freezer hosts
the evaporator (the cooling element) that cools the processor. The
evaporator is located inside the Micro freezer and placed directly
on the processor where the two surfaces mate each other. This is
the place where the refrigerant in a liquid state changes to a
gaseous state and thereby has the ability to absorb much heat.

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