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Chip-con ApS changes company name to nVENTIV A/S

Yes, believe what you are seeing. Chip-con, the makers of the Prometia Mach II Phase Change System has officially changed their company name to nVENTIV A/S.

Hobro, Denmark (September 22, 2003) – Chip-con ApS changes company name to nVENTIV A/S. The change will be effective immediately.

At the same time, a new company has been registered in Germany under the name – nVENTIV GmbH.

The decision has been taken following a thorough analysis aimed at defining the best communications platform for building a new, global brand. The conclusion was that from a business- and marketing point of view, the use of nVENTIV as company name would offer better possibilities than the previous company name.

Establishing a leading global brand was one of the main reasons for to change name.

Morten Espersen, CEO of nVENTIV, says, “I’ll be the first to admit that there is a lot of emotions in this, but the bottom line of our analysis was clear. nVENTIV is the best choice for building an international brand, and our job in executive management is to make the right business decisions.”

To increase the effectiveness of the company’s marketing investments, the nVENTIV name will be included in the present product names. This means that the present product lines known as Prometeia Mach II will be continued as nVENTIV Mach II.

The new company name is the starting point for creating a strong, global brand. The renaming is the first step in a global branding campaign, which over the next months will position nVENTIV as the leading provider of the most advanced and professional cooling system across the globe.

The change of company name will not have any impact on the organizational or managerial structure of nVENTIV A/S.

Their official website can now be found at http://www.nventiv.com/

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