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Chinese government believes smog makes people smarter?

Contrary to what most foreigners may think about the undesired side effects of smog, officials in China  believe the toxic cloud surrounding and choking its citizens is a good thing.


(See the difference?)

According to China’s Central Television website (CCTV), not only does smog serve as a medium for unification (because everyone is breathing the same air?), but it is also a mean of educating people about meteorology.

The CCTV article was pulled and replaced with something else, and perhaps the author’s intent on writing such a piece was to poke fun and mock his government’s irresponsible handling of the pollution problem.  It is almost impossible to imagine that any well-informed individual could come to same consensus about the positive rationales behind China’s smog issues.

Here’s a summary of what the author choked up originally before it was taken down:

1. It unifies the Chinese people.
2. It makes China more equal.
3. It raises citizen awareness of the cost of China’s economic development.
4. It makes people funnier.
5. It makes people more knowledgeable (about things like haze).

Like the Great Wall, China’s pollution problem can be seen from space—a truly amazing feat.  Unlike the Great Wall, however, it is highly inadvisable that tourists pay good money to go cloud surfing in China.

Source: TIME (Images: Blogspot, Huff Post)

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