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Chinese film studio sues Apple for half a million dollars

A state owned animation studio in China has filed a lawsuit against Apple, asking for half a million dollars in damages for providing unauthorized downloads via iTunes

Shanghai Animation Film Studio lies behind several popular animated films and is suing Apple for half a million dollars in damages for providing users with unauthorized download services for their films. The lawsuit was filed with the Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court, which accepted the case.

In the suit, which names Apple and it’s Chinese subsidiary as defendants, there are 110 claims of infringement against Shanghai Animation’s titles, including Black Cat Detective and Calabash Brothers.


Black Cat Detective is a black cat. He's also a detective.


There aren’t many details circling about the case. “We want to keep tight-lipped on this case because, as we see it, it's just a litigation in which we want to get compensation" said one executive for the animation studio when interviewed by the South China Morning Post, "It's a sensitive period now since Apple is a big multinational company and it is surrounded by controversies on its practices in China."


The new lawsuit comes days after the Chinese government began putting pressure on Apple for their warranty policy, with China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce recommending that the authorities take action against Apple over it’s after-sale service.

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