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Chinese company rips off PopCap’s Plants vs Zombies game

Is there anything that the Chinese cannot clone? Well, apparently not, especially when you are talking about a country which has been known to rip off just about anything they can get their hands on. And in the latest instance of blatant disregard for copyrights, a Chinese company has seemingly raised the bar by performing a near-complete rip off of PopCap's popular Plants vs Zombies game.

Plants vs Zombies. Most of us would have played that game at least once during the past few years since it was launched, right? After all, simple as it may be, the game always seems to have some weird appeal that keep s drawing people back to it every once a while, especially when said gamers feel the need to take down some zombies without having to deal with the blood and gore found in most zombie-themed games.

Unfortunately, it seems that PopCap Games is also starting to realize that the popularity of its titles also means that the games it publishes are prime targets for theft and clones, and what a particular company in China did recently probably has to take the cake where theft of copyrighted materials are concerned. Apparently, this company, known as ShunXiang Technology, has released an arcade version of Plants vs Zombies, which, at first glance, appears to be nothing more than a complete rip off of the original PopCap title.

Just like the original title, this version of Plants vs Zombies plays exactly like PopCap Games' version, although it comes with a few minor differences. While the original title was a single-player game, the arcade version allows for up to four players taking part in some friendly zombie carnage, and the character artwork appears to slightly different.

However, these minor differences are not going to change the fact that ShunXiang Technology's version is an unauthorized derivative of the original. Indeed, Game163.com has claimed in its report that it has contacted PopCap Games, with the latter claiming that it has never granted ShunXiang Technology any permission to use the game's title, characters or artwork. 

Source: Game136.com

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