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China Telecom iPhone 5S price cut as China Mobile launch nears

China Mobile’s rival has cut on contract price of the iPhone 5S in order to lure more customers.


The much awaited China Mobile iPhone launch was officially announced late last month, bringing an end to the speculation about the launch of Apple’s new iPhones on the world’s largest mobile carrier. With over 750 million subscribers, China Mobile offers the perfect opportunity for Apple to expand its market share in China. Its only normal to see that the carrier’s rival is taking a pre-emptive measure by discount the price of its iPhone 5S, ahead of the scheduled launch on January 17.

China Telecom is now offering customers a combination of gift packages and reduced prices, shaving off as much as $130 off the contract price of the iPhone 5S. The gift packages offered with the smartphone include accessories like an iPhone case and an external battery pack, both of which are bound to come in handy and certainly offer prospective customers an added incentive to opt for China Telecom.

China Unicom is another rival carrier in the country, but so far it hasn’t launched a promotion to steal some of China Mobile’s thunder. The latter is reportedly going to offer the same pricing structure offered by its rivals, despite the fact that it is getting the new iPhones almost three months after they were originally released.

Source: Bloomberg

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