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China hits 200 million 3G users after only 3 years

It's been only three years since China began offering 3G, and despite a shaky start, the number of users has skyrocketed to over 200 million. Now, the schedule has been pushed up for introducing 4G.

In 2009, China introduced 3G network trials, which were met with some initial problems. The launch used a myriad of different wireless technologies which resulted in mixed reviews. However, the advent of microblogging sites like Weibo and the popularity of particular devices, has led these issues being ironed out. As a result, 3G use has begun to skyrocket.


Chinese online media company Sina Corp has put the explosive change into perspective: It took China two years to reach 100 million users, and now it has managed to double that number in half the time.

China's Minister of information and IT has expressed that he hopes to speed up the nations development of 4G, and that the first network may be ready for use within a year. Originally, this was not scheduled to happen until 2014 at the earliest, but it's not strange that 3G's success would light the fire under LTE technologies.

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