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Chiller Adventures Part 1

I decided to bring the compressor down to a nearby Air-con repair shop to have
a evaporator and condenser brazed on. I went there hoping there would be some
spare condenser in the shop. There was none however so I had coils of copper
piping for the evaporator and the condenser. The condenser would be immersed
into a reservoir and water-cooled then.

The condenser is on the left and the evaporator on the right. I’ve also
had a valve brazed on the compressor for easy charging of the gas. R134a was
charged and we stopped putting in more gas when the evaporator coil got frosty

The watercooled condenser without a radiator loop just for testing.

The evaporator frosting up in no time.

I also insulated the suction line.

Then, since I already spent so much effort, I decided to optimize my other
compressor unit by putting on a better evaporator and condenser. So I brought
the whole rig down to the A/C shop again and this time, managed to get hold
of a rather corroded condenser from a window A/C unit. So I had copper coils
brazed on for the evaporator and switched to a better condenser. The unit was
charged with quite a lot of refrigerant as the evaporator and condenser is larger
than the original. Here is the condenser.

This shows how badly corroded the other side is. It has at least half of its
surface area in good shape and is easier to cool with fans so its still better
than the original passive condenser.

Here are some pictures of the dual cooling unit I was testing.

Close ups of the evaporators:

The water-cooled condenser in a reservoir has a pump running a dual radiator
loop to cool the hot water.

The fans cooling the other condenser.

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