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CharityBuzz is auctioning a coffee break with Apple CEO

CharityBuzz is auctioning off a 30-60 minute coffee break with Apple CEO Tim Cook, and amazingly, after 85 bids, the highest offer is over half a million dollars.

CharityBuzz is doing an auction for a 30-60 minute coffee break with Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple. Bidding closes tomorrow at 4:08 PM, but while there is still time, chances are you can’t afford to participate. The auction started nearly a month ago at $50,000 but quickly shot up to $160,000 within a single day. Today, the charity auction’s winning bid, after 85 competing offers, is at $605,000; a staggeringly high amount. “It’s truly amazing,” said CharityBuzz’ representative Glenda Felden, “We’re really excited.”

Tim Cook. I don't have a subtitle capable of explaining  how high his hourly rates are.


At this point, every new bid needs to go up in increments of at least $5,000 each and due to the enormous amount of money, you have to telephone in and personally verify your banking details and ability to pay in order to place a bid. Of course, that’s not very surprised considering that at the moment, if you get the full hour with Cook, it’ll cost over $10,000 a minute. Oh, and that doesn’t include airfare and accommodations.

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