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Chaintech GSE96GT Overclocking Edition

Walton Chaintech introduces the latest performance enhanced CHAINTECH GSE96GT
Overclocking Edition with core code G94. The default 650 MHz core clock is
raised to 735 MHz and memory clock at 1900

Walton Chaintech, the world’s renowned graphics card and memory module
manufacturer, introduces the latest performance enhanced CHAINTECH GSE96GT
Overclocking Edition with core code G94. The overall performance of new
CHAINTECH 9600GTC 512MB has raised about 15% compared with 9600GT for benefiting
a wide array of 3D oriented applications, is born with the well-proportioned
beauty of descent price and performance for power users.

Positioned to be the next star of performance graphics card in 2008, the
light-weighted, single-slot CHAINTECH 9600GT 512MB OC Edition is considered an
evolution of 9600GT advancing itself from 650 MHz core clock to 735 MHz with
running on a 256-bit bus. The full-throttle memory solution GDDR3 512MB which
CHAINTECH 9600GT 512MB OC Edition adopts now enables the card to run up to 1900

CHAINTECH 9600GTC not only compatible with integrated HDMI but also supports
Microsoft DirectX® 10 for complying with the new generation of SM 4.0. In
addition to that, the new embedded Lumenex engine of CHAINTECH 9600GTC propels
to maintain the system stability and smoothness of the loaded 3D gaming when the
HDR (High Dynamic Range) and anti-aliasing is performed to make the gaming
operation more fun and easy.

Designed to flatter the ever growing consumer demand for High Definition
movies, CHAINTECH GSE96GT graphics card adopts Dual-Link DVI-I for smoothly
delivering high quality images to a 2560 x 1600 resolution LCD display. More
conveniently, using the HDMI adapter and SPDIF IN on board, power users can
easily connect home A/V systems to have sensational experience 1080 pixels High
Definition videos. CHAINTECH 9600GTC has no doubt would become a famous choice
among performance graphics cards to fulfill the hunger of more
graphically-intensive user demand.

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