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CES 2014: Gaming motion-capture suit PrioVR plays well with Oculus Rift

PrioVR, a failed Kickstarter campaign that aimed to produce and market a suit for motion-capture in gaming applications, has found new life at CES 2014 with a working prototype and a live demo with the Oculus Rift.

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Wearable technology and augmented reality will be key themes at CES this year, and the gaming industry is expected to benefit from the technological improvements in these areas. For one, gesture-based controls have grown to be popular in console gaming, since the launch of the original Kinect in 2010. However, in terms of fidelity in capturing gestures and nuanced movements, other developers want to pitch in with their expertise.

One such company is YEI Technology, which launched a Kickstarter campaign in October to produce the PrioVR, a full- or half-body motion capture suit aimed at providing a more immersive gaming experience through motion-based controls. The project did not reach its funding goal, however, but YEI has rebounded with a demo of its working prototype at CES 2014, as well as a partnership with augmented reality headset maker Oculus VR for an even better gaming experience.

YEI will launch another Kickstarter campaign on February 14th with its improved PrioVR design, and the device will come in two variants: a full-body version priced at around $400 and a half-body (torso) version that will sell for about $200. If this Kickstarter round is successful, the company expects to ship orders within the year.

The PrioVR will initially be compatible for use with PCs, although YEI plans to provide compatibility with console systems in the future. PrioVR will also come in a modular design, which enables users who buy the torso-only kit to add more sensors to increase functionality. At CES 2014, YEI will be demonstrating the PrioVR in a live gaming demo in use with the Oculus Rift.

According to the creators of PrioVR, the team learned a lot from the feedback of the gaming and development community through the course of their initial (failed) Kickstarter campaign. With this feedback, the new project will come with revised design and pricing (lower than the initial $450 plus for the development kit). YEI’s funding goal will also being reduced — from $225,000 last year to about $100,000 in the Febraury 2014 campaign.

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