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CES 2014: 13-Inch Toshiba Chromebook goes official with Haswell CPU and $280 price

As Chromebooks move closer and closer to the mainstream PC market, the number of Google partners in this once apparently doomed enterprise grows, with Toshiba the latest name on the roster.


First teased way back in September 2013, the Toshiba Chromebook has been kept under a very tight lid all this time so as to finally break cover in glitzy Las Vegas, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

It remains to be seen if the secrecy and ultimate announcement during one of the year’s biggest tech conventions were truly the wisest choices, as the Chrome OS-running machine will have to battle it out against plenty of Windows-based contenders for the Vegas spotlight.

On that note, you need to make an impression right off the bat to stick out, which Toshiba’s bad boy achieves primarily with sleek design, an unusual form factor for Chromebooks and a smart pricing structure.


Aside from being Toshiba’s first laptop powered by Google’s Windows alternative, the fresh machine breaks new ground with a 13-inch screen, never before seen on a Chromebook, but oh so familiar on ultrabooks and Apple MacBooks.

Due out on February 16, the 13-incher is to cost $279 in a base configuration sporting just Wi-Fi connectivity, 2 GB RAM and a 16 GB SSD. Additional variants may launch along the way, however it all probably depends on the success of the $280 notebook.


Again, the somewhat distinguished exterior look of the Toshiba Chromebook plays greatly in its favor, as does the Intel Celeron 2955U “Haswell” SoC, driving the battery life to an estimated nine hours of use between charges.

You can probably file the two USB 3.0 ports, full-sized HDMI connector and SDXC card reader under strong points as well, though the mediocre 1,366 x 768 pixels resolution kinda sorta makes it impossible for anyone to warmly recommend the Toshiba Chromebook. But hey, it’s 280 bucks, and you can’t do much better on that budget.

Source: Business Wire

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