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CEO of China’s Xiaomi looks up to Apple

Lei Jun says Xiaomi has a lot of space to learn and grow.


China’s Xiaomi has been quite the success story of late: the scrappy start-up from Beijing has seen incredible growth over the last year, and now counts a former Google VP in its ranks.

Such growth would be a license to brag, but Xiaomi’s Lei Jun prefers modesty when asked about his company’s place in the market. In a recent interview with Beijing News he admitted that Apple is still the leader in the smartphone space.

“iPhone is still the best smartphone on the planet,” Lei said. “For Xiaomi there’s a lot of space for learning and talent.”

While Xiaomi isn’t the market leader in China, its phones are becoming increasingly popular in both the low and high-end of the market. It’s MIUI smartphones seem to generate the same excitement the iPhone once did, and Xiaomi is now the fifth most used brand in China. Xiaomi’s  high-end phones are popular, but aren’t seen as the fashion icon that the iPhone is which is something the company would no doubt like to change.

During the interview Lei mentions that his company is looking to expand past smartphones and into the set top box and Smart TV business. Lei didn’t expand much about this new venture, but maybe this could be the company’s first foray into North America.

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