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Century’s alarm clock wakes you up with a bang

Century intends to sell you a rather dangerous-looking but seriously cool alarm clock that is themed after sticks of dynamite. 

Okay, we admit, alarm clocks aren't really that hip anymore. Smartphones do the waking job quite well already. But sometimes though, alarm apps just aren't enough for the partially deaf. You might need something like Century's new alarm clock that would give a louder "boom" to help you get up.

The "Early Morning Dynamite", as its name and form clearly suggests, is an alarm clock that is themed after a set up explosive. No, there is no need to examine it carefully to see this; in fact, just the sight of the alarm clock is already quite threatening. You probably don't want to be caught lugging it around casually outside.

But as dangerous as it looks, there is no risk of actually getting blown out of your bed early in the morning. As an alarm clock though, it still has a few extra functions that makes it more different. You can, for example, play it's "In the nick of time! The 4-wire Time Bomb Challenge" (Kiki Ippatsu! Jigen Bakudan yon-taku Charenji) mini-game. You'll be given 10 seconds to choose the correct wire to cut, and if you fail….well, you'll have to play the game again. A bit too quick and simplistic, but at least you get to play like a real bomb disposal agent.

Buttons that surround the circuit board can be used to set the time and alarm. Setting it up though kind of reverses your play role, as you are now the bomb terrorist instead of the bomb defusing specialist.

The "Early Morning Dynamite" can be powered by either its internal battery or via USB. Battery only lasts for 24 hours on full charge though, so you'd most likely have to keep it plugged somewhere. It's currently available at the Shirobako online store for around 4,000 yen (39.5 USD).

Source: MyNavi (JP)

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