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Century lets you read books through illuminated glass

Century has invented a simple lighting tool can be used to help people read books using ordinary illuminated glass.

Books today may look quaint in the face of tablets like the Kindle, but they are certainly not obsolete, at least not yet. However, we do admit that classic book reading can still be a bit troublesome due to the need for another light source. Nowadays, you'll probably need something a lot more convenient than a simple night lamp, something like this new tech item from Century.

The Light Wedge 2.0 is a peculiar looking tool that is used to provide lighting for various reading materials. Unlike most conventional lighting tools that are clipped at the top of the reading material, this one is directly placed on top of the page, or "wedged" through the book, and is clipped at the side. It illuminates the page by diffusing light onto its transparent plate, making the page seem like it's something that is displayed on an electronic screen.

Inside the clip is a white LED that provides the illumination, while the plate is made of optics-enhanced acrylic lens. The light provided by the combination of these two components is clear and adequately focused. It does not "spill" out, allowing the tool to be efficiently used on any dark setting without causing trouble to other people around you.

The dimensions of the Light Wedge 2.0 are 165 x 225 x 11 mm, making it suitable for most kinds of paper sizes. It weighs 220 grams, which can be a bit substantial, though you can still hold up the reading material without straining your arms, hands or wrists too much. The unit is charged via USB, and it can be used for about 15 hours when it is fully charged.

The item is currently available in Japan for about 4,000 yen (41 USD).

Source: MyNavi (JP)

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