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Cenix MMP-CD20 MP3 CD Player Review

FM Tuner

The FM tuner is actually in the inline control itself! It’s a very good FM tuner actually. It receives the frequencies strongly, and on its own, could be a serious competitor to the FM tuners on the market. On the bus, I could listen to the radio without any noticeable interruptions or signal noise throughout a one hour journey. (If there were any, I wasn’t aware of them because I was asleep for a short while!)

Users can save their favourite radio stations, but cannot name them (unlike Nokia handphones that double as FM tuners). All saved radio stations are arranged from the lowest frequency (85.7MHz) to the highest (108MHz). However, to save a radio station is not easy and intuitive, and one needs to refer to the manual constantly.

The scan function was not very useful, and I ended up moving up 0.1MHz at a time to get to the frequency of the radio stations I wanted to listen to. This was a huge bother, and I had to set aside time to save all the radio stations I listened to so that I did not have to keep pressing the buttons. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, saving radio stations wasn’t a quick task.


Battery life was excellent! Playing a normal CD takes up more power than playing a MP3 CD which in turn takes up more power than listening to the radio. The manufacturer’s claims of 12 hrs for a normal CD, 18 hrs for a MP3 CD and a stunning 24 hrs for FM tuner is backed up by my tests. I did get a little less than that stated, but that’s because it’s the first time I’m using the battery. After awhile, the battery would awake to its full potential. Anyway, it was an insignificant difference.

AA Battery Pack

Gum Batteries Slots

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