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Cenix MMP-CD20 MP3 CD Player Review


Because most CD players sound generically similar, there isn’t much to be said here. The sound quality of the Cenix MMP-CD20 MP3 Player is very good, equal to the best of Sony’s, Panasonic’s, etc. The manufacturer has obviously spared no expense at making the Cenix MMP-CD20 MP3 Player a true audio fiend. The drums on the songs I tested with came up real clear and the bass was deep and bold. There were no signal noises, and the voices – ranging from gruffy country singers to high-pitched Sarah Brightman – were perfect. Classical instruments like violins and trombones sounded brilliant, it was like being in the Victoria Concert Hall itself. The guitars were accoustic, just the way they should be.


There are 8 preset EQ bass/treble combinations (flat, pop, rock, jazz, metal, classic, xbs and dance), but users can come up their own too. My personal favourite is rock. A note: while adjusting the bass made a lot of difference, adjusting the treble didn’t really make that much of an impact unless you utilize the extreme ends of the treble scale.


The volume was more than adequate. I kept the volume at half of the maximum and the sound was still sufficiently loud. On a noisy non-aircon bus, I push the volume higher and music was still clear.


The anti-shock protection is frankly one of the best I’ve encountered. I shook the unit as hard as I could, from left to right and right to left, and no skips! I even dropped it on my bed and no skips! I didn’t dare drop it on the floor though, not because it looks fragile (on the contrary, actually) but because I didn’t want to break the unit by forcing extreme torture tests on it.

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