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Cenix MMP-CD20 MP3 CD Player Review

First touch

The Cenix MMP-CD20 MP3 Player felt very good indeed. With its metallic finish, it felt slim, cold … and powerful! As such, one can understand my disappointment when I saw the inline control. Compared to the unit, the inline control looked cheap. It’s actually not as bad as I make it out to be – I’m probably just too used to the gorgeous control of my MD player. Anyway, I’m digressing.

Cenix Top View

Cenix MMP-CD20 LCD Remote Control Unit

I was pleased with the weight of the unit. Even with the gum-stick-like battery inserted, it’s still light. The inline control’s weight is even better! Although not specified in the manual and product homepage, I can reveal that it’s … negligible! Overall, the design (technically and aesthetically) of the player and the control is top-notch. (On further usage of the inline control, I did grow to like the design. It is quite cute!)

Never used a CD player before, much less a MP3-supported one? No problemo!

The included manual covers pretty much everything you need to know. It obviously isn’t encyclopedia-detailed, but it’s very much better than some skimpy poor-excuse-of-a-manual I’ve come across.

Cenix MMP-CD20 diameter comparison

Cenix MMP-CD20 thickness comparison

The circumference of the unit has most of the basic operation functions. Note the emphasis on ‘basic’, though. If you want to use the player to its fullest, you’ll have to use the inline control which has everything on it. Considering that most people just dump the (beautiful) CD player into their bags (what a waste … hiding the good-looking thing in the deepest, darkest abysses of your bags) and operate the CD player using the control, this little information here is kinda useless, I admit.

Close-up of Basic Buttons

The last time I used a CD player frequently was about maybe 4 years ago. Then, CD players still had LCD screens on the units, so you can read the title of the song, the track number, etc. What a difference 4 years makes. While I could complain here about the inconvenience of not having a LCD screen on the Ultra Slim, one must realise that most CD player units these days, especially MP3 ones, do not have LCD screens anymore. This does help make the unit thinner and lighter, but for those who find a compulsion to look at the tracks’ details often, this change represents a very minor obstacle. Fortunately, there’s still the inline control!

The plastic inline control, as mentioned above, has everything in it. Although intuitive and easy to use, 2 of the buttons had double functions, thus to use the “2nd function”, one would have to press the buttons for a longer period of time, a bother. Such technical design is understandable though. If not, there’ll be about a billion buttons on the control! The buttons of the control did not feel very solid, but that helps to keep the control light. The buttons are big enough, though, so those with huge fingers can operate it easily.

Cenix Stereo Earphones

Included in the box is a pair of decent earphones. To the less-discerning (like me), there’s not much of a difference between the earphones provided and a ‘branded’ one which you’ll have to shell out 30 bucks for. Plus, the colour of the earphones match the inline control. However, if you’re an audiophile, you probably have your own boom-bass, surround stereo earphones which you can use with the unit.

WCube’s AGVA Player Case

So far so good … until I reach for the black cover-case included in the box. While it fits the CD player unit like a glove, I was disappointed when I found out that there wasn’t manufactured holes for the inline control and the external battery case! I had to make adjustments to the position of the unit so that the wires could stick out of the zipper. With just the inline control alone, it isn’t that bothersome. However, when I used up the gum-stick-like battery (more about battery usage/power in later paragraphs!), I used the external battery case, and it was quite a struggle ensuring that both the control’s and the battery case’s wires can come out of the zipper.

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