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Unity Technologies draws over $180million in VC funding for AR/VR

[caption id="attachment_111739" align="aligncenter" width="727"] source: roadtovr.com[/caption] Unity, a name which has become nearly synonymous with game development in recent years, is drawing massive funding for VR. The San Francisco-based company Unity Technologies has made the news for drawing in over $180million dollars from Venture Capitalist funds. This information mainly cements

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Qualcomm showcases next-gen Snapdragon with Google Tango MWCS2016

At the Mobile World Conference Shanghai 2016 (MWCS2016), Qualcomm showed off a number of developments they are currently working on. Previously VR-Zone wrote about their work with the implementation of 5G and its place in the internet of things. Virtual Reality, especially with Snapdragon-powered smartphones like Samsung were also presented

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