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Intel development of 90nm technology moving smoothly

Intel has denied rumors that processors based on its 90nm-process Prescott and Dothan cores may be delayed. Louis Burns, vice president and general manager of Intel’s Desktop Platforms Group (DPG), speaking at last week’s Intel Developer Forum (IDF), said that Intel’s development of 90nm wafer fabrication technology is proceeding on

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Iwill ZPC Review

IWILL's ZPC is one of the slimmest Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs you can find around in the market today. Can it compete with or even outdo the current crop of SFF PCs available on the market? (more…)

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ABIT AI7 and microGuru

ABIT Computer today releases the AI7, the first motherboard with intelligent hardware monitoring and overclocking features that can be saved to a micro-processor: microGuru. Based on the 865PE chipset, the AI7 also comes with Game Accelerator, a BIOS tweak that allows users to increase their performance up to 30%. (more…)

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NVIDIA accelerates PCI Express adoption

NVIDIA has reaffirmed support for the PCI Express architecture by announcing that it is currently developing a complete family of next-generation desktop, mobile and workstation graphics processing units (GPUs) that are designed to take advantage of the added bandwidth that the new I/O interconnection standard delivers. (more…)

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OCZ announces PC3500 Gold Dual Channel EL DDR

OCZ Technology is pleased to announce the availability of PC3500 Gold Dual Channel EL DDR memory kits featuring HyperSpeed technology. OCZ HyperSpeed technology denotes specific OCZ EL DDR ICs built and selected for their ability to run at the highest possible frequency. OCZ Gold 3500 provides the same legendary overclocking

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VIA KT600 Boards Roundup

VIA is still up for a fight against nForce2 by coming up with the KT600 Northbridge and the VT8237 Southbridge. It features FastStream64™ Memory Controller Technology, a weapon against the 128 bit Dual Channel interface of the Nforce 2. (more…)

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