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Case review : Corsair Graphite 600T

The Corsair 600T is a very large dark graphite colored tower case, much like its name implies. There are few edges as Corsair gave the 600T a rounded, smooth design. Despite its large size and the SECC steel body, the 600T weights 12.7kg which is considerably less than what we originally imagined.

The front of the case is covered by a honeycomb metallic mesh with a deep groove around it. The top part of the honeycomb mesh consists of four removable 5.25” drive covers while the lower part hides a massive 200mm fan and a dust filter. To remove the lower part of the mesh and clean the filter you only have to push the mesh and the latch will release itself. Unfortunately the rest of the faceplate is made out of plastic which lowers the aesthetical prestige of the faceplate dramatically.

The front panel connectors and the case buttons can be seen at the top of the case, although it is the large fan controller rheostat which steals all of the attention. There are four USB 2.0 connectors, one USB 3.0 connector, headphone and microphone jacks, a Firewire connector with the white HDD activity LED next to it and the standard power and reset buttons.

There is nothing on either of the two side panels but the two plastic latches which are holding the side panel into place. Neither of the two side panels is being held with any screws; you only need to push down on the two latches for the side panel to come off and push it back into place for the latches to lock again. Corsair offers an optional left side panel which has a window or a metallic mesh for 4 extra cooling fans.  

Most of the 600T top is covered by a large metallic mesh hiding yet another massive 200mm fan. The mesh is removable and will come off by simply pushing it down. You also may swap the 200mm fan for two 120mm fans and Corsair has even left enough room for a dual-fan 240mm water-cooling radiator. If you install the radiator on the outside of the case though, which you may have to do if the radiator is but a little thick as there is only a small clearance between the motherboard and the top of the case, you will not be able to re-insert the mesh cover. Finally, the keyhole for the side panel lock can be found beneath this cover as well.

Another dust filter can be found beneath the case, filtering the air entering the PSU’s intake. The filter is removable by pulling it out from the bottom rear part of the case without having to remove either of the side panels.

Another exhaust fan, this time a “small” 120mm black fan can be seen at the rear of the 600T. There are two rubber grommets covering the holes for water-cooling users. Notably enough, the PCI slot covers are all vented, except from the top cover which has a small hole for the user to route the USB 3.0 cable to the rear of the motherboard.

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