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Most cars will be self-driven by 2050, according to IHS study

A study conducted by IHS proposed there will be 54 million autonomous cars on the roadways by 2035.


IHS classifies these autonomous vehicles into five levels.  The first group is the ‘Level 3’ cars that are capable of limited self-driving.  Drivers of this group of cars can take full control of the vehicles when  the onboard computers can’t handle the road conditions and other safety concerns.  Next is the Level 4 group, which are self-driving but with human controls.  Lastly, Level 5 cars are completely autonomous and require absolutely no human control.

The market for self-driving vehicles will be mainly North America, China, and Western Europe, according to IHS.  One would expect so, considering autonomous cars require a decent infrastructure to which they can operate on.   IHS predicts that North America will account for 29% of the self-driving car market, with China following closely behind with 24%, and Western Europe with 20%.

“There are several benefits from self-driving cars to society, drivers, and pedestrians,” said principal IHS automotive analyst Egil Juliussen.  “Traffic congestion and air pollution per car should also decline because SDCs can be programmed to be more efficient in their driving patterns.”

Not only will the use of smartcars be on the rise, but IHS also predicts that by 2050 “nearly all the vehicles in use are likely to be self-driving cars or self-driving commercial vehicles.”

Source: IHS

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