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Capcom spices up virtual brawls with online betting in ‘Super Street Fighter IV’

Capcom teams up with Virgin Gaming to allow gamers to bet on their virtual matches, making each round all the more interesting.


With the recent inclusion of online betting to Super Street Fighter IV, Capcom has done two things: they’ve effectively spiced up every battle by raising the stakes, and they also pay tribute to the classic coin-op arcade days.

Almost everyone who grew up in the 1990’s remembers shelling out fistfuls of quarters in a Street Fighter II arcade machines only to get whalloped by Chun-Li’s infini-kick (a move that still haunts me today). Playing two-player, though, is where things got pretty exciting.

Anything can happen in a fighting game like Street Fighter, and in those days when you were beaten it’s either walk away with some quarters in your pocket, or dump ’em back in for a few extra rounds to get some of your pride back.

It’s that same allure that Capcom has tapped, but in a different way: now the winners will be rewarded for their performances, which is great news to pros and newbies alike. As anything can happen, pros can knock up the stakes only to get beaten by a button-masher, who then walks away with their virtual dollars.


But to keep things fair, Virgin Gaming utilizes a VG Rating which pits you up against similar players. So if you’re a beginner, you most likely won’t be going up against any pros, but the curve won’t be so steep that you won’t get any real practice in.

Matchmaking is also region-based, which can be a bit disappointing as it’d be interesting to battle someone across the world. This system ensures optimum latency, though, and anyone can tell you those split seconds can make or break any match in a fighting game.

As for the gametypes, you can bet on Head-to-Head 1V1 matches as well as Leagues with up to 32 players. Additionally there are two competition types: Free Mode and Cash Challenges, both with their distinct offerings.

This new mechanic is a great way for fighting game enthusiasts not only to sharpen and hone their skills, but to earn some cash in the process. It’ll be interesting to see how much the top players earn in, say, a month or two, as well as the exact betting values that can be set for any given match.

The real-money betting system has been established for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 flavors of Super Street Fighter IV and SSIV Arcade Edition. For more information and specifics, be sure to jump on over to Virgin Gaming’s official website.

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