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Capcom gets medieval with stunning new ‘Deep Down’ screenshots

Capcom gives gamers a fresh new look at two weapon sets from their free-to-play PS4 exclusive Deep Down.

Deep Down Dragon

When Capcom announced their procedurally-generated RPG Deep Down at E3, the gaming sphere took it in with quite a bit of gusto. Here we had one of the most recognized outlets in the industry tackling a medieval-style fantasy adventure, one that showcased the PlayStation 4’s raw power in stunning detail.

Up until now, not much has been known about Deep Down other than it’s going to be a free-to-play fantasy RPG exclusive to the PS4, but now Capcom has shed some light on some of the game’s weapons.

Deep Down 1
The spear is a heavy two-hander that’s ideal for thrusting attacks, and can be aimed to jab at specific parts of an enemy’s body.

First up we have the spear–pictured above in the gauntleted mitts of the golden-armored soldier. Capcom reveals that this weapon is made for thrusting and can be aimed at different parts of an enemy’s body.

If a leg is hit by a spear thrust, for example, that enemy won’t be able to move around so well due to the giant gaping hole left by the sharpened tip. This in itself is a testament to the game’s expansive mechanics, and affords a multitude of strategies to use in combat. Furthermore we might be able to, say, jab at an enemy’s hand to knock his sword away while in the midst of combat.

Past experience with two-handers hints that spears might be on the hefty side and possibly be slow-yet-powerful dual-wielders, and maybe–just maybe–we’ll be able to use them to block incoming attacks (this of course is speculation and hasn’t been confirmed).

Deep Down 2
The sword-and-board combo is flexible and allows players to deliver quick strikes and deflect blows with the shield.

Next Capcom reveals the classic sword-and-board loadout, which is flexible and offers a mix of both defensive and offensive capabilities. With this weapon set, gamers can block enemy attacks with the shield and deliver a speedy counter-strike to their foes. The sword’s high speed-rate also allows players to deliver the first initial blow, which is advantageous to be sure.

We might see a few more weapons thrown into the mix as well–perhaps a blunt-type two-hander or a dual-axe combo, coupled with some ranged bow-and-arrow sets–but so far Capcom has only revealed the sword/shield combo and the dual-hander spear.

Additionally the studio promises to reveal more on the armors sets next, and we’ll be sure to update you once that info comes to light. Below we’ve also included Deep Down‘s official reveal trailer just in case you missed it.

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