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Capcom announces ‘Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate’, coming exclusively to 3DS in 2015

Capcom today announced that an expanded version of the 2013 Japanese exclusive, Monster Hunter 4G, will be released in the West next year on Nintendo’s 3DS handheld.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

The western world has been waiting patiently for its own continuation of the landmark Monster Hunter series, and Capcom has revealed that the wait is up–sort of.

Monster Hunter 4G, which has been available in Japan since 2013, was never released on the western market and remains a Japanese exclusive. But Capcom has unveiled that we’re getting our own version of the exceedingly popular Japanese import, and it’ll have even more content.

The western version has been labeled as Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate and will see an exclusive release on Nintendo’s 3DS handheld in early 2015.

To commemorate the occassion, Capcom enlisted Monster Hunter series Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto to deliver a special message to fans of the iconic franchise.

With Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate, Capcom will continue to offer classic sentiments and monsters that gamers are familiar with, but there will be a host of new content as well. These features include new enhanced game mechanics; and as Tsujimoto-san put it, Capcom aims to make this new edition more fluid and dynamic. Players will also be able to wield a host of new weapons and utilize new items in the game, and we’ll also see a plethora of dastardly monsters to battle along the way.

For a glimpse at what MH4U has to offer, be sure to check out the original trailer for Monster Hunter 4G, which serves as the general template for the upcoming western adaptation.

Via Capcom Unity

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