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Canon Powershot A490 10MP Budget Compact Review

Soap Bar

Soap-bar alike shape – PowerShot A490

Plain looking and boring design had always been associated with Canon’s PowerShot A-series cameras, and through the many updates in the series, the designers had clearly not paid much attention to it.

The PowerShot A490 is all but a big update from the A480 and though the design and styling is very much alike to most of Canon’s updates within the PowerShots series, it is still plain. The only major noticeable difference is the A490 sports a smoother curvy edge, while the layout and controls remain mainly unchanged.

Being a budget camera, it is no surprise that the body is constructed using plastic only. But on the bright side, the camera is rather well put together with a solid feel. Design wise, it seems that Canon’s designers have recently gotten the idea that soap bar is the ‘in’ thing and thus, the A490 resembles highly of a soap bar (an expensive one at that).

Thankfully, the A490 maintains its positioning as a compact camera that runs on AA batteries, but just don’t expect it to be slim. While compact, the camera is still able to house a 2.5 inch LCD screen with 115, 000 pixel dots, and have the controls big enough and spread evenly to easy access.

Side View – I/O Connections Covered

The I/O connections ports are situated on the left (when facing the
camera) of the camera, hidden underneath the rubber concealer.

I/O Connections Revealed

Side View – Mic

Top View – Power Button and Shutter Trigger

Back View

Bottom View – Tripod Hole and Battery / SD Card

Battery Compartment Revealed

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