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Canon Digital IXUS 110 IS Review

In the Box

The IXUS 110 IS comes in a compact box that truly fits the positioning as a compact camera.

 All you need for the digital camera are in the box

Out of the Box – Look and Feel

A friend commented that the new IXUS camera looked like a soap bar, which I supposed he meant that the IXUS 110 IS looks hideous. On first impression, it does resemble a soap bar with the rounded top and curved edges, but thank god, the resemblance stops there.

The IXUS 110 IS comes in 4 different colors – silver, metallic blue, champagne gold and metallic pink. The review set that was delivered to us is the silver one which probably suits most people. The IXUS 110 IS retains the shiny silver ring which encloses the Canon Zoom Lens 4x IS that is common throughout the IXUS family. The faceplate is coated with a shiny gloss which surprisingly isn’t much of a fingerprint magnet, but the same couldn’t be said for the silver ring. What appears odd is that the flash is only 2mm in width, which makes one wonder how much flash power it can produce.

The rear of the camera was a pleasant surprise. Canon adopted a simplistic design, having a 2.8-inch LCD screen on the left and a scrolling wheel and three buttons on the right. The back faceplate is colored in matte silver black, with the exception of the buttons and scrolling wheel being shiny. When the IXUS 110 IS is placed vertically bottom up, it is possible to pass it off as a mobile phone. (Perhaps something Canon should consider getting into).

The side skirt of the camera is built with solid plastic in grayish black, with the battery and memory card compartment at the bottom with the tripod attachment screw hole just beside it. The USB/AV digital and HDMI output are located on the left along with the wrist strap hook. The top contains the shutter button encircled within the zoom lever, and placed side by side are the power button and mode selector.

The IXUS 110 IS is neither the slimmest nor thickest among all the ultracompact cameras out in the market. It weighs 145g, which is about that of a standard mobile phone. This means that pocketing and carrying it around shouldn’t be too much of a problem, other than the slight bulge.

The camera is not designed for any specific gender, but for the fashionistas, the IXUS 110 IS comes off as a product these users can easily do with. However, the strongest appeal of the IXUS 110 IS would be on Canon’s reputation as well as the camera’s performance and features which we would see in the next few pages.

Bottom, Sides, Top

Bottom View

Side View

Top View

Side View


Battery Compartment with SD Card Slot

Battery Charger with the supplied 3.7V 760mAH Battery

Specifications of the Battery Charger

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