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CanJam ’17 Highlight: MrSpeakers Aeon V-Planar Magnetic Headphones


Put together great performance, sexy design and fantastic value, and what do you get? In the head-fi world you’ll probably end up with MrSpeakers’ range of Planar Magnetic headphones. The latest invention coming out of Mr Dan Clark’s lab in San Diego, California is the Aeon V-Planar Magnetic headphones, with new TrueFlow technology. And I experienced it first-hand at CanJam Singapore 2017.

Image taken by Aaron T.

In our conversation, Mr Clark explained to me the reasoning behind a few design elements that make up his new creation. The headband is fashioned out of a Nickel Titanium for lightness, flexibility and strength. It has no joints, screws or nuts, but is made as a single piece for durability. Having no joints will not prevent the flexible Nitinol headband from articulating to the shape of your head. It uses a thick and plush leather cushion as opposed to memory foam for good reason too. After wearing, memory foam will only remember the shape of your head for about an hour or so, while his cushions will gradually form into your own custom fit. I put them on and indeed, they are pretty comfy with a firm but gentle clamp. My huge ears even had some wriggle-room!

The new MrSpeakers Aeon. Image taken by Aaron T.

The Aeons utilise the same V-Planar Magnetic diaphragm and TrueFlow waveguide found in the much more costly Ether range of cans (costing more than a few grand each), but targeted at consumers unwilling to spend that far. Rated at 32ohms impedance and 97db/mw sensitivity, the Aeons are easy to drive. Great for portable music players or even smartphones.

Sound Quality

I hooked it up to a Schiit Jotunheim Headphone Amp and sat down for a listen. The Aeons had very good dynamic range and sounded effortless throughout. It had great acoustics and air, with a healthy serving of weighty mid-range. Playing Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ showed off its tight bass attack and clean decay.

Image courtesy: MrSpeakers.com

I didn’t want to hog it for too long (there was a queue forming behind me) so I got off the Aeons quickly. But it pretty much blew me away. These cans drive effortlessly and has a very forgiving sound that makes it easy to enjoy. Perhaps it’s the source material, but I did not manage to pick up any ‘wetness’ in the sound – the kind that I experienced with the Audeze LCD-3 headphones a while back. I would love to audition this again for an extended period, and arrive at a more informed conclusion.

The MrSpeakers Aeon Headphones (S$1200) can be auditioned at SLT Technologies Pte Ltd.

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