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Apple iPhone 5.7 take on Samsung Galaxy Note III? [Concept]

If Apple is willing to dumb down its iPad by making a ‘mini’ then there’s a possibility that an iPhone with a 5+ inch display is also around the corner.  For phablet aficionados, a tiny 5-inch screen probably won’t be enough, so how about an iPhone with a 5.7-inch display?

While Apple probably won’t be calling its next iPhone the ‘iPhone Ultra’ or ‘Mega’ (or something else tacky), many have concluded that an iPhone with a 5+ inch display should be released by the Cupertino-based company if it wants to keep up with consumer demands.

Samsung has proven that phablets are here to stay, and many Android handset makers are following suit and are finding similar success.

It goes without saying that a larger display has many benefits, some of which include: better multitasking, much more immersive entertainment experiences, and more room to browse the web.  As far as spec goes, if Apple does launch an iPhone phablet we’re expecting it to pack at least a 1080p display.

There seems to be a demand for an iPhone with display sizes larger than 5-inch, so what’s Apple waiting for?  So as we ponder Apple’s next dish, here’s a look at some juicy T3 concepts of an iPhone 5.7 that will make you want it even more.

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