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Bungie celebrates “Bungie Day” with contests and Destiny’s E3 HD trailer


To celebrate this year’s Bungie Day, the iconic dev team has offered a variety of goodies for gamers and long-time Bungie fans that vary from new forum avatars and desktop wallpapers for their upcoming Destiny game to a few challenges to win some official swag.

Additionally Bungie has also released an HD rendition of their official Destiny gameplay trailer, showcasing an actual unscripted playthrough that reveals some interesting in-game elements including global events, combat, and more.

We were in attendance to see the demo at E3, so be sure to check out our official play-by-play of the footage and how what impressions it left with us.


Along with the Destiny footage, Bungie delivered a three new desktop wallpapers that show off the game’s principal Guardian classes–Titan, Warlock and Hunter. The devs also restocked their official Bungie Store with fresh Destiny swag, including t-shirts and miscellaneous items to represent the game with some signature flair.

New music from long-time Bungie composer Marty O’Donnell has also been featured as part of the celebration, giving users the chance to hear a few new compositions from Destiny that were featured at E3:

As your next offering of Bungie Day loot, you’re invited to your own personal concert to enjoy that selection without braving the crowds that filled the space for days.


For the forums, Bungie unleashed a fresh batch of Destiny avatars and themes for users to decorate their profiles with–each of which were inspired from their E3 gameplay footage.

Today, in keeping with our pledge to be more inclusive of new friends, we’re opening the floodgates to rain down sweet loots on everyone.  Whether you registered for Bungie.net seven minutes ago, or seven years ago, you have access to brand new Avatars from the Destiny universe that you can use to dress up your profile. These pieces of virtual flair were carved directly from the gameplay we revealed at E3.


That’s about it for the virtual swag, however the iconic studio has issued a variety of official Bungie Day Challenges wherein users compete against one another in pre-defined contests to win a Destiny posted signed by everyone at Bungie.

There are seven different challenges, each with their own requirements and defined parameters: the War and Rememberance challenge, for example, pits Bungie gamers to recount their favorite moments in the virtual battlefield in a short story of about 100 words.

The other challenges are more creative in nature and tap upon the community’s PhotoShop skills, requiring them to add-in a “Destiny fireteam to a historical battle”. These challenges have brought out some impressive creativity within the community, which is also tinged with hilarity–Bungie wouldn’t have it any other way, though.

Jason Jones Interview

This year’s Bungie Day also saw Jason Jones, the co-founder of the illustrious studio, break his decade-long silence with an official interview with IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey. McCaffrey picks at Jones’ psyche, asking him detailed questions about Destiny and Bungie as a whole, giving quite an interesting perspective on one of Bungie’s leading execs that has been silent for quite some time.

While it would have been nice to see more info dropped from Destiny–like maybe a few more screenshots or gameplay reveals–Bungie delivered something for fans to gnaw on for the time being, especially in the way of Jason Jones’ interview–part two will be coming soon.

The challenges brought the community together once again, and it is quite entertaining taking a look at all of the entries for the various categories. They are filled to the brim with that distinct blend of awesomeness and hilarity, exemplifying one of the longest-running and tightly-knit communities on the internet quite well.

Be sure to drop by Bungie.net for more info on the official contests if you’d like a chance to win the signed poster, and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all the latest news surrounding Destiny.

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