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Budget Bliss – the MSI P6NGM featuring the MCP73PV chipset

We take a look at the upcoming MCP73 chipset from Nvidia , that leverages on the Intel Core processor family. This is the first time an Nvidia IGP board is offered for Intel users!

OK folks! Over here at VR-Zone, exclusively for you gents – we have the MSI P6NGM mainboard ! Now the interesting fact that you might wanna know, is that its actually equipped with the MCP73PV chipset!

Now just what IS so special about the MCP73 chipset?

It is Nvidia’s first solution for Intel Core processors that features an Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP) ! That’s essentially an onboard Geforce graphics accelerator. Finally, some serious competition to Intel which predominantly uses their own onboard graphics solutions for nearly all their IGP chipsets!

The P6NGM is one of a plethora of mainboards that will soon flood the market – sporting support for the latest Intel processors and Geforce 7 IGPs for better graphics in games and fluid High-Definition content playback. And the most important point of them all – Nvidia IGP boards for intel are not going to burn  a hole in your pocket. We reckon Nvidia’s going to get into a bit of a tussle with Intel over the integrated graphics market for the next few months. Intel’s own launch of the G33 chipset – its latest flagship in integrated graphics solutions – has been going smoothly. However, resting on their laurels might prove a tad too early as Nvidia’s renewed offensive on the IGP market is relentless!

The only gripe about the MCP73 is that it supports single channel memory configurations only. In a world dominated by dual-channel memory standards – the MCP73 dares to be different! Will it prove to be a huge performance impact? We shall find out later in our Performance Testing!

The Chipset MCP73 will be released in several versions : MCP73PV (NF7150-630i), MCP73S (NF7100-630i) and MCP73V (NF7050-630i,610i). All three versions have almost similar capabilities, with the exception of MCP73PV having support for HDMI and HDCP, MCP73PS supporting only HDCP, and MCP73V is deprived from HDMI and HDCP.

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