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High-resolution images of the budget Apple iPhone leaked

The budget Apple iPhone, or iPhone Lite related leaks just refuse to stop coming. This new one gives us over half a dozen of high-resolution images of the budget Apple iPhone Lite shells and back panels in all their colorful glory.

Budget Apple iPhone lite low-cost leaked images (1)

Apple’s budget iPhone, or iPhone Lite as many like to call it, was sure to receive a lot of hype and many leaks. We just didn’t know that we’d have a new leak related to the company’s first “budget” labelled product within every 24 hours. The newly leaked images show us the colorful back panels of the budget iPhone as well as empty shells (which will house the inner hardware and the display on top).

Budget Apple iPhone lite low-cost leaked images (7)

The budget iPhone looks low-cost by design, as it is slightly thicker than the current iPhone 5. Additionally, the edges are rounded and the body is entirely plastic. Don’t expect any premium materials in the construction of the iPhone Lite. While we are sure of a 4-inch display, the display resolution along with the rest of the internal specifications are completely unknown to us at the moment.

What do you think? A budget Apple iPhone, starting $349 contract-free for the 16 GB model can bring along a huge storm in the market? Or will it just fizzle out, consumed by all the other high-quality yet cheaper alternatives, particularly Google’s own flagship Nexus 4? Only time will tell, but you be sure to tell us what you feel in the comments below!

Source: 9to5Mac

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