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Brother brings the “bigger picture” to users with new line of printers

Having talked so much about what users can expect from the new printers, chances are you must be wondering how these devices will look like, and how much they are going to set a potential customer back. Well, hold on to your hats, for this is precisely what we are going to tell you in the next couple of pages, starting with the monochrome printers in this section:

Brother DCP-7055 monochrome multifunction laser printer

The DCP-7055 monochrome multifunction laser printed is touted by Brother to be aversatile unit which is capable of achieveing print speeds of up to 20ppm, and supports print resolutions of up to 2400 x 600dpi. In addition, Brother claims that the DCP-7055's built-in scanner is capable of a maximum scan resolution of up to 19,200 x 19,200dpi, and comes bundled with a standard-yield toner that can deliver up to 700 pages before needing a replacement. Last but definitely not least, the DCP-7055 features GDI emulation, 16MB of built-in memory, an extremely low power consumption of 0.9w in deep-sleep mode and has driver support for all thre major operating systems in use today.

The Brother DCP-7055 is currently available for sale at the retail price of S$188.

Brother-7060D monochrome multifunction laser printer

As the 'D' on its model name symbolizes, the DCP-7060D is one of two monochrome printers launched in today's event which supports automatic duplex printing, a feature which Brother touts as a major cost saver due to its capability to reduce unneccessary paper wastage.

Specifications-wise, the DCP-7060D does not differ much from the DCP-7055 mentioned earlier. Accoriding to the specifications list issued by Brother, the DCP-7060D boasts a print speed of up to 24ppm, and is capable of print resolutions up to 2400 x 600dpi. In terms of scanning capabilities, the DCP-7060D supports the same maximum scan resolution as the DCP-7055. However, the DCP-7060D utilizers a slightly larger toner that is capable of up to 1200 pages before needing to be replaced, and features 32MB of memory instead of the 16MB found in the DCP-7055.

The DCP-7060D is currently available for sale at the retail price of S$228.

Brother MFC-7360 multifunction monochrome laser printer

Essentially a fax-enabled version of the DCP-7055, the MFC-7360 sports near identical specifications to the former in terms of performance and capabilities. Like the DCP-7055, the MFC-7360 features a print speed of up to 24ppm and a maximum print resolution of 2400 x 600dpi. Likewise, the built-in scanner supports the same range of resolutions as those found in DCP-7055, although it uses the 1200-page toner found in the DCP-7060D instead. Lastly, the MFC-7360 comes bundled with a built-in modem capable of speeds up to 14,400bps (which is not very fast), and sports a slightly higher power draw at 1.5w when in deep-sleep mode.

The Brother MFC-7360 is currently available for sale at the retail price of S$278.

Brother MFC-7860DW multifunction monochrome laser printer

The MFC-7860DW is the most full-featured monochrome multifunction laser printer in Brother's product launch today, and it shows. According to Brother, the printer is capable of printing speeds up to 26ppm, although the maximum print resolution remains the same as the other three printers at 2400 x 600dpi. Likewise, the MFC-7860DW sports the same maximum scan resolutions, but as its DW suffix implies, this printer is also the second of two printers that are capable of automatic double-sided printing, and comes bundled with a 33,600bps modem for faxing functionality, along with a built-in WiFi adapter for wireless networking capabilities.

The MFC-7860DW is currently available for sale at the retail price of S$448.

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