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Broadcom introduces BCM23550 quad-core HSPA+ SoC aimed at budget smartphones

Chip maker Broadcom introduced its newest addition to the company’s growing mobile chipsets lineup. Say hello to the budget Smartphone loving quad-core BCM23550 chipset.

Broadcom BCM23550

Broadcom is a chip making company that is no stranger to producing chipsets that are destined to be at the heart of low-cost devices. Much like MediaTek, the newest Broadcom chipset (dubbed BCM23550) packs four ARM Cortex A7 CPUs (quad-core) and features a maximum of HSPA+ connectivity. Here’s a quick look at its features.

Broadcom BCM23550 Chipset Features

The Broadcom dual-HD feature allows users to simultaneously share HD content from their Smartphone to a larger display. Note that the display has to be Miracast-enabled to be able to use this feature. We don’t know if the chipset will be capable of powering 1080p displays, but then again the budget devices using this chipset won’t be packing such high-end specifications in the first place. In the connectivity department, the BCM23550 exceeds expectations with support for Bluetooth, NFC, 5G WiFi, GPS and RFID.

The Broadcom BCM23550 is currently under sampling and will enter mass production in Q3 2013. Expect devices powered by this SoC to hit the markets no later than Q1 2014 (if not Q4 2013). A major boon to manufacturers is that the new chipset is pin-compatible with the older BCM21664T dual-core chipset, reducing time spent in designing a device and integrating the new product in it (basically, fast and easy upgrades to existing designs using the older dual-core chipset).

Source: Broadcom

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