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Bose Showcased VideoWave Entertainment System In Singapore

SINGAPORE – 29 September 2010 – Atlas Sound & Vision, Singapore premium audio visual retailer and distributor, today introduced the Bose VideoWave entertainment system, combining a home theatre sound system, 46-inch 1080-pixel LCD display, and music system into one revolutionary new product.

There are no separate speakers, bass module or speaker wires.

Now, for the first time, a single enclosure delivers a high-definition picture and the audio experience of a high-quality home theatre system. And all connected devices ? for watching TV and movies, or listening to music – are controlled by one click pad remote, and an interface on the screen. The Bose VideoWave system will be demonstrated and sold in Atlas Sound & Vision stores beginning 15 October 2010.

The Bose VideoWave system is the result of 10 years of research, representing the most advanced consumer product ever developed by Bose. Combining a high-performance audio system with an LCD display required proprietary computer modelling tools to predict and eliminate sources of vibration and heat. Advancements in multiple Bose engineering disciplines enabled the successful integration of audio and video, making the entire system no larger than the screen itself. It includes highly advanced software and electronics, multiple channels of amplification and a custom speaker package – all invisible. And yet remains slender and elegant enough to be wall-mounted or placed on a table.

A Breakthrough in Sound: Home Theatre Performance, No Separate Speakers
The VideoWave system delivers unmistakable cinematic sound. Even at the highest listening levels, the system reproduces music and programming with clarity and no audible distortion. For the impact of deep low notes, a cluster of six high-performance woofers is carefully matched to a new, powerful acoustic Bose waveguide. For the spacious, immersive quality of home theatre, a new invention – Bose PhaseGuide sound radiator technology – is combined with a seven-element speaker array and advanced Bose digital signal processing. Together, they deliver sound well beyond the screen. Discrete sound is aimed – and heard – in places where there are no speakers.

The Bose VideoWave system can be positioned almost anywhere. Bose ADAPTiQ audio calibration technology ensures the best sound possible for any room; it recognises room size, shape – even furnishings – and adjusts the sound automatically give the best sound possible in the room.

A Breakthrough In Simplicity: One System, One Remote
The VideoWave system’s ease-of-use is unprecedented for home entertainment. All of today’s content can be easily accessed and controlled with just one remote, through a touch, glide and click.

The new Bose click pad remote features a built-in sensor and only includes buttons for the most-used functions: powering on and off, changing channels, adjusting volume and selecting sources. Users simply touch the click pad, and only the controls for what’s being watched appear on the screen – without interfering with the picture. As the thumb glides around the click pad, a highlight scrolls through the commands. Choosing a command takes a simple thumb press – a click – and the VideoWave system responds instantly. Because the Bose click pad remote uses RF technology, it doesn’t need to be aimed, and all the devices it controls can be hidden from view.

The VideoWave entertainment system comes with a console that connects to the screen with one cable. Sleek, small, and understated, it connects up to five high-definition entertainment players. A dock for an iPod or iPhone is also included. An exclusive feature – video mute – lets users enjoy music without picture. The Bose VideoWave entertainment system has a detachable table stand and is compatible with all third-party VESA wall brackets (sold separately).

It is available with delivery for S$9,999 from Atlas Sound & Vision. Atlas Sound & Vision’s delivery includes VideoWave system setup and review, connecting entertainment sources, ADAPTiQ audio calibration to optimise the system for an owner’s room, and recycling of an owner’s current television.

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