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Boltt is a Fitness Tracker Solution with an AI that Seeks to Overtake Fitbit and Jawbone

Own a Fitbit, Jawbone or Misfit device, this Indian startup, Boltt, wants you to ditch them. It’s offering you a system so powerful that you will never look back. All this is possible, with the power of artificial intelligence.

For a mere US$150, you will get a smart shoe, fitness band and stride sensor that will give you 24h insights for all your health-related needs.

It’s pretty incredible to be honest. This package offers you some pretty solid and functional sports shoes, armed with a stride sensor with the most modern stride sensors and also a fitness band that logs your sleep, and automatically detects activity.

Price-wise, it’s most certainly a very attractive deal, but defeating the incumbent trackers isn’t easy. However, the brand has collaborated with another fitness giant, Garmin to improve the stride-tracking accuracy of its device. To make things even more comprehensive, it offers payment systems through NFC technology embedded within the band itself.

Beyond that, it will also hold a AI Chat Bot known as ‘B’, that interacts with you daily as a 24/7 fitness coach, giving you tips of fitness and nutrition. B, by the way, is incredibly powerful. It allows you to log down the food you eat, from the millions of varieties found in its database and participate in  200 different, guided fitness sessions that can give you real time feedback.

This  feedback element is impressive. Boltt believes that its system can monitor your form when you run, and in so doing, update you on how to improve your posture and effort.
I suppose then, Boltt, is probably really exciting for the tech and fitness industry because it would help plenty of fitness enthusiasts in the market who are sick of paying huge amounts for coaching.

To qualify for the $150 special price, you would need to be an early bird buyer through Kickstarter, or else the device would cost you $236 at its full price.

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