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B&O Play A2 Active Will Launch in Singapore End-December

B&O Play A2 Active Natural

For those waiting to grab it, B&O Singapore will launch B&O Play A2 Active in stores this end-December 2016!

In a nutshell, the portable B&O Play A2 Active is water and dust-resistant, so you can now enjoy its signature ‘True360 sound’ at the beach, or while clanking steel in the gym!


The B&O Play A2 Active makes a compelling case even if you already have the classic A2. Aside from being more rugged and having the same 24-hour battery life, you can now juice it up more quickly with the included USB-C charging cable. This is a godsend as opposed to being restricted to a proprietary charging plug like the A2 Classic. Easily charge the A2 Active anywhere with your power-bank!

B&O Play A2 Active Stone Grey

A stylish and more rugged canvas strap is used here instead of the leather one featured in the classic A2. Two canvas straps are included, which B&O Play’s Corporate VP Henrik Taudorf Lorensen markets as being “inspired by the extremely durable watch straps that British soldiers wore during World War Two.” If canvas straps inspired by designs stretching back a lifetime doesn’t sound encouraging, rest assured that these are “NATO-inspired straps made of woven polyamide with solid tensile strength.” Extremely durable indeed! Should you prefer, you may still purchase official leather straps, or canvas straps in other colours separately at S$58.



The A2 Active also works with the B&O Play App which allows you to personalize the speaker’s profile and adjust the sound according to different acoustic situations. (I’d like to know which sound profile fits my bathroom!) With the app, you can also pair two A2s together for a stereo setup!


The S$599 B&O PLAY A2 Active will be available in Natural and Stone Grey colors from end-December 2016, at B&O Grand Hyatt and Takashimaya Showroom.

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