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BLU teases exciting new flagship phone: FHD screen, quad-core CPU and super-slim profile in tow

Quick show of hands, who here is familiar with BLU Products? Anybody? Anybody at all? Well, it’s your loss, as the somewhat humble Miami-based mobile phone manufacturer has grown immensely in just four years of existence, making huge waves in Latin and North America, as well as Europe with solid budget-conscious gadgets.

BLU smartphone

The OEM’s current pack leaders are the Quattro 4.5 and 5.7, which, despite sporting large, comfy HD displays, plus quad-core processors and Android Jelly Bean, cost well under 300 bucks. And don’t even get me started on the recently unveiled Dash 4.5, which has to be the cheapest quad-core Jelly Beaner up for grabs on the Western hemisphere.

Yet what the future holds for the company could be the most exciting thing about BLU after all. Namely, a mysterious phone with a 7.7 mm thin profile (wow), 1,080p LCD screen (double wow), 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of on-board storage, 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU and 13 MP rear camera (wow wow wee waa).

Sure, you may not be as dazzled as I am about that list of features if you pit it against flagship devices from, say, Samsung or HTC, but what you have to remember is BLU will never, ever, ever price a phone, be it a high-ender, in Galaxy S4 or HTC One’s range.

Instead, chances are this unnamed future crown jewel of the company will cost in the neighborhood of $400, which would still make it cheaper than HTC and Samsung’s watered down One Mini and GS4 Mini.

It’s hard to say at this point when we might see the enigmatic new BLU phone out and about, but chances are its official unveiling and subsequent commercial launch will both go down this fall.

After all, it was BLU’s own Facebook page and Linkedin profile that brought to our attention the above mentioned spec sheet and that hazy profile photo and they must know the public has a very short attention span for brands with less than stellar awareness.

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