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Blizzard Offers Signed World of Warcraft HP Blade Servers for Charity

HP Blade that powered World of Warcraft in Lightbringer realm is one of dozens available for auction

Blizzard Entertainment offered a powerful piece of Warcraft memorabilia for hardware enthusiasts. The company is offering signed HP Blade servers that served millions of Warcraft players, with all proceedings going to a children hospital.

Warcraft is without any doubt, the most successful gaming franchise and one of most successful franchises of all times. Its rivals for the crown are only decades-old franchises such as Transformers, Lord of The Rings, Star Trek and Star Wars.

Its developer, Blizzard Entertainment (now a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard) is known for making anonymous donations to charities around the globe but this time around, the company went public with an unprecedented auction of old server hardware. The company is auctioning several hundred HP Blade servers that were used in datacenters around the globe to run World of Warcraft realm.

The goal of auction is quite noble – all proceedings go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, which treats children regardless of their parent's financial abilities. The hospital is known for sharing the knowledge on most difficult children diseases to other research institutions.

What is Blizzard auctioning? On eBay, you'll find about 350 servers which all have named plates for the realm served and signatures from the creators of WoW. If you are interested in owning such piece of memorabilia and help children disease research at St. Jude's, head over to eBay and bid for your own server.

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