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BlackBerry Z10 sees price cut in Europe prior to U.S. launch

Some recent news out of Europe is suggesting that BlackBerry isn’t attracting as many consumers as it would like to with its latest Z10 smartphone.  Various retailers have begun slashing prices on the comeback BB10 smartphone, which only adds to the growing woes of the once proud Canadian handset maker.

Carphone Warehouse and Vodaphone have both reduced the prices of the BB10 Z10 device.  Although the price cut is not significant enough to say that the Z10 is completely dead, it’s a signal that consumer interests in the BB10 OS are not as high as Android or iOS. 

“We believe that meaningful price cuts so soon after launch, while probably at the initial discretion of the carriers, is likely to relegate the Z10 to being a mid-tier device with very low gross margins,” says James Faucette, an analyst for Pacific Crest.

On a less grim note, according to BlackBerry, 1/3 of the Z10 owners in Britain did not own BlackBerry devices prior to hopping onto the BlackBerry train.  Still, the fact that carriers seem to think less of BB10 compared to competing platforms means that BlackBerry will have a much harder time competing in markets like the U.S.  Speaking of the U.S., since the Z10 has begun its price descent in Europe, it may mean that consumers stateside won’t have to fork out as much initially. 


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