Think that Research In Motion (RIM) is swiftly losing ground to the likes of Apple's iOS and Google's Android, especially where government deployment is concerned? Well, think again; apparently, RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook, coupled with all the security features that people have come to associate with the company's BlackBerry operating system, has just scored a win in the form of securing the FIPS 140-2 certification needed for a company to pitch a device as one that is suitable for deployment by the U.S federal government.

Research In Motion has announced that its recently-launched multimedia tablet device, the BlackBerry PlayBook, has scored a major boost in the form of securing the FIPS 140-2 certification for the device. According to the company, the BlackBerry PlayBook is the first tablet to score such a certification in the U.S; this makes it the only such device which can be pitched as one that is suitable for deployment by the U.S Federal Government at this point of time.

“RIM is pleased to announce that the BlackBerry PlayBook is the first tablet approved under FIPS for use within the U.S. federal government,” said Scott Totzke, Senior Vice President, BlackBerry Security at Research In Motion. “This certification demonstrates our continued commitment to meeting the needs of security-conscious organizations and enables the U.S. federal government to buy with confidence knowing that the PlayBook meets their computing policy requirements for protecting sensitive information.”

Source: BGR