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BlackBerry OS 10.1 boasts improvements, but the same can’t be said for its market share

The latest update of the Blackberry OS, version 10.1, is now rolling out. It includes a variety of large updates including HDR stills, improved text selection, improved Blackberry World Store, and more. If you own a BB10 device, expect to receive it soon.

News that should please users with Blackberry 10 devices everywhere has just come out. Blackberry is currently rolling out a significant update to users which should bump the OS up to version 10.1 and bring many improvements to the functionality and other features to the OS.

Crackberry provided the following changelog:

  • HDR option for taking photos
  • PIN to PIN messaging now available and present in the BlackBerry Hub
  • APN editing is now enabled (Though this may remain carrier based)
  • 'Highlights" for text such as word correction on the keyboard are now green, instead of blue
  • 'Text Picker' has been improved, now allows for easily moving left and right between letters easier
  • Sharing menu is now black, just like on the BlackBerry Q10
  • New help demos and walkthroughs after initial boot
  • Select All for broadcast messages is now available
  • Ability to turn off alerts for specific applications
  • Easier to check for updates in BlackBerry World
  • Phone can be fully unlocked at lock screen now by the power button
  • BlackBerry World now has options for coupon redemption
  • Pasting of phone numbers directly into dialpad
  • Installed apps can be opened from with BlackBerry World (No longer shows 'installed' now shows 'open')


                 Screenshot of the new text selection

There is no confirmed release schedule for this update. All that is known is that it will roll out gradually so it may be a little while before everybody receives it. There is a chance it isn't available for all countries as of now, but this could change in the coming days or weeks.

This update comes at an important time when Blackberry continues to struggle to gain marketshare in the places they've lost it most, such as the United States. The latest comScore report shows that Blackberry marketshare declined from 6.4% to 5.2% in the last quarter:


News like this will continue to please people who are already invested in the Blackberry brand and already own these devices, but the real question is whether or not it will be enough to cause users to turn their heads and show them that Blackberry is ready to compete with the other big companies when it comes to features. One criticism lobbed at Blackberry at the launch of their new BB10 platform was that it seemed a bit unfinished in some areas and that's another thing this update reinforces. Either way, it seems like they have a long road ahead of them. Updates like this can't hurt the cause.

Source: gsmarena , Crackberry

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