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BlackBerry Messenger user guides for Android and iOS leaked online

User guides of BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iOS have shown up online, hinting that the cross-platform launch of BlackBerry messaging service could happen pretty soon. 


We already know the Android version of BBM went into beta testing phase recently, and considering the user guides look all set and ready to help new (and old) users get acquainted with how it works, the official release dates might be making an appearance soon.

The user guides are specifically for version 1.0, and include details on things like navigating BBM, signing in, adding contacts and viewing their profiles, creating BBM groups, and more; there’s even an explanation of what a BlackBerry ID is, though like all other user guides, there’s little probability of anyone going through all that info BlackBerry has so nicely laid out.


Again, there’s no telling how close we are to the official release of the cross-platform BBM, but while (and if) you’re waiting for that to happen, feel free to download the user guides from the source links below and gain some insight into everything BlackBerry’s messaging service will offer.

Via: CrackBerry | SourceAndroidiOS

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