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BlackBerry could launch another tablet, but not in the near future

The struggling company says it may very well enter the tablet market once again after a failed attempt in 2011.

Blackberry PlayBook Blackberry 10 update

BlackBerry PlayBook was the company’s first and only tablet offering. Even though it looked promising on the surface, it failed to resonate with customers, who picked up iPads and Android tablets in droves. The PlayBook was nothing short of a disaster.

At first it was believed that the 7-inch tablet would be followed up with a 10-inch version, but that never materialized, presumably because the company couldn’t hitch its wagon to a product which had a high chance of never taking off in the first place. Little has been said about its tablet ambitious since the demise of the PlayBook, but VP of global product management Francois Mahieu has opened up a bit about what the future might hold.

Mahieu has said that BlackBerry will surely consider entering the tablet market once again, though its not going to do so in the coming months. He also says that while BlackBerry has equity in the tablet space, its simply not ready at this point. That makes sense, the company is simply not in a position to take bets on products that could fail. That’s why its 2014 flagship is bringing back trackpad and physical buttons that were ditched when BlackBerry 10 was introduced last year, to appeal once again to loyalists who’re still living in the glory days.

Its hard to say when a BlackBerry tablet might surface, and when it does, exactly what it will offer. One thing is for sure though, the company needs to regain its lost market share in the smartphone market, so that there’s ample cash flow and its no longer threatened by the possibility of going belly up.

Source: Pocketlint

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