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BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 Review

When you bring up the menu, you are greeted with large icons of various applications including messaging, contacts, web browser, GPS… so on and so forth. Although the Curve 3G is not a touchscreen phone, you can easily find your way around with the trackpad. The best thing we like about the menu is you can customize and move the position of the icons according to your preference.

BlackBerry App World

Like Apple and Android, BlackBerry also has an online app store, which they call the BlackBerry App World. You can browse the huge selection of applications available from many categories like business, education, entertainment, games, IM and social networking, maps and navigation and themes directly from the Curve 3G. Besides the free apps, you can also purchase paid apps; the latter was recently made available for users here in Singapore.


Payment for Paid Apps can be either done via Paypal or a credit card that is tied to your BlackBerry ID, which is convenient for most users.



The Curve 3G 9300 has a 2-megapixel camera that can take images of up to 1600 x1 200 resolution, which is sufficent if you just want to share your quick snap to friends by posting it on Facebook or Flickr.

The built-in camera does not focus well: about three out of five times, the camera failed to focus accurately on the subject. You also cannot shoot good pictures under low light situations, especially with the absence of a built-in flash.

For video capture, a microSD card has to be inserted in order to record. Video can only be captured in 320 x 240 or 176 x 144 resolution.


BlackBerry Messenger

Another notable feature of the Curve 3G is the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), an instant messenger that is unique to BlackBerry devices only. If your friend also carries a BlackBerry smartphone, you can add your friend and chat with him / her conveniently. However, friends who are on other makes like Nokia or Android-based devices have to rely on other applications like MSN or Yahoo! but that is provided the BlackBerry user has those clients installed.


Multimedia Playback

We tried some YouTube videos, as well as Finding Nemo (pictured) and noted the video playback looks good despite the low QVGA display resolution. The Curve 3G also has no problem playing your favorite MP3 songs. Earphones are preferred, as the phone’s built-in speakers are not exactly fantastic, and we are against noise pollution on public transport.


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