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BlackBerry CEO brands iPhone users ‘wall huggers’

John Chen’s remark was apparently in jest after being asked about the popularity of the iPhone.


It’s safe to say that the iPhone has wiped out a considerable amount of BlackBerry’s market share, particularly in the corporate sector, so it’s quite evident what the market wants. But is it worth considering what’s actually being implied by this remark?

The relatively new BlackBerry CEO John Chen was speaking at the Oasis Montgomery Summit where he was asked about his thoughts on the popularity of the iPhone. Apparently in jest, he replied, “I call you guys wall huggers.” Now its certainly not a derogatory term in any way, what Chen does imply is that iPhones don’t have a good battery life, so iPhone users have to constantly be on the lookout for power outlets through which they can charge up their phones again. On paper, Apple’s smartphone does have a “smaller” battery. The iPhone 5S has a 1560mAh battery as opposed to the 1,800mAh found on the BlackBerry Z10. Samsung Galaxy S4 takes it even further to 2,600mAh.

Obviously one must not forget that usage has a direct effect on the battery life. An iPhone can be made to last up to a week if its brightness is turned all the way down, disconnected from cellular networks and all power hungry apps are killed. However, the fact remains that since it does have a battery with less capacity as compared to most of its rivals, this results into shorter battery life. One could argue that iPhone batteries aren’t up to the mark that they should be, so if you look at Chen’s remark keeping this notion in mind, it actually makes some sense. This argument won’t entice anyone to switch to a BlackBerry though.

Nevertheless, the market has evidently gone in favor of the iPhone and its clear that for most customers it simply doesn’t matter how much capacity the battery has. What matters is that they own an iPhone.

Source: CNET

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